“OSAKA-SEI” means “made in Osaka.” It is a collection of carefully-selected products which are made by Osaka’s manufacturing companies with wisdom, technique and love. We established “OSAKA-SEI Brand” to spread their passion for manufacturing, which is represented by inherited technique, creative ideas and originality which aim to tap into new markets.

The concept of “OSAKA-SEI Brand” is “products which everyone wants to give as gifts.” Every one of these products, genuinely “born and grow up in Osaka”, will definitely attract you when you get it as a gift. Thought-out shape, well-designed detail, and creator’s passion— these will make you feel attached to the products.

We would like to spread “OSAKA-SEI Brand” to the world in order to deliver great potential of Osaka’s manufacturing companies.

  • ROLE MODEL/ Excellent, fine product

    Products created by leading efforts toward local revitalization, production area, etc.

  • New Product Development Section

    Products which give new proposals to markets

  • Creative Work Section

    Products which were created by linkage with creators and by creative ideas

  • Local& Traditional technique section

    Inventive products which inherit history, culture and technique from Osaka’s traditional crafts industry and local industry

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