~Hand-sized, intellectual-training toy which turns kids’ curiosity into motivation~
Creative Work Section
I.C. I Design Institute.



It’s not a block, not a puzzle—it’s a new type of intellectual-training toy; “nocilis.” It was developed by I.C.I Design Institute (“I.C.I”), which is skilled in industrial design. They made nocilis of flexible silicon so that kids can play more safely and happily without a fear of impact noise or injury. That silicon is made in Japan, and it is safe enough to be used for medical equipment as well. Kids can even lick it, chew it. And most of all, they can change its shape by turning up or pulling. Shaping this toy into something grows their imagination and motivation for creation. Also, kids and parents can share thrill and accomplishment by making and telling stories aloud. This will give parents great chances to discover kids’ individuality. I.C.I is planning to provide more people with opportunity to experience nocilis at kindergartens or so.