Hashi-tetsu(”Train chopsticks”)

Hashi-tetsu("Train chopsticks”)

~Toy maker’s chopsticks which have obtained fans among kids and mothers~
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DAIWATOY Co., Ltd. (“DAIWATOY”) is a toy maker established in 1949. This time, on its certain stance on manufacturing, DAYWATOY developed a functional, playful product. Some time ago, on a turning point of toy industry, they were wondering if they could create any Japanese product which is based on plastic molding. Then, this pair of chopsticks, “Hashi-tetsu”, came up to their mind when they were on train. The shape of the chopsticks reproduces that of approaching “shinkansen” (bullet train). They pursued high-level molding technique and fragile printing technique, and they carefully made any detail of package. They finally succeeded in integrated production at a factory in their neighborhood. Once Hashi-tetsu was sold at stations, a lot of people yearned kid’s size. On the following year, they produced “Hashi-tetsu kids” against their worry about danger, with help from anticipation of their fans. In spite of their worry, there came a lot of voice of pleasure from parents such as “Now my kids willingly use chopsticks who once didn’t like to.” Recently, Hashi-tetsu has more variety and is more needed for gifts.