WASHI envelope which perfectly fits bills

WASHI envelope which perfectly fits bills

~Daily-use WASHI which cuddles user’s taste ~
Local& Traditional technique section
Ooue Co., Ltd.



We pick up these envelopes to find its patterns such as Mt. Fuji and bird are from that of bills. And it perfectly fits each kind of bills which has different sizes. This envelope, which is made of WASHI (Japanese paper), has lovely playful spirit based on Japanese traditional mind that “money is to be enfolded.” So, it inspires buyers’ imagination. Ooue Co., Ltd. is a traditional washi wholesaler. It set up a washi brand “off” with a typography company and product designer. “off” aims for daily-use washi. They find familiarity between washi and envelopes as a trigger of communication. Osaka is a town of wholesale as well as manufacture. “off” has a certain “Osaka style,” collecting washi from all over Japan and providing them countrywide.