nene/ chibi nene

nene/ chibi nene

~Wooden furniture which gives us comfort in living spaces~
Creative Work Section



Round shape like wearing colorful hats—“nene” and “chibi nene” (“chibi” means ”little”), long-selling products for 15 years, are stools which remind us of armrests or pillows of long time ago. They are made to be so comfortable that sensitively-curved surfaces support our body tenderly. Utatane makes it their motto to present items which are classic-styled, functional and comfortable. They focus on communication and design by hands, in order to produce furniture and instrument which suit best for daily life. They respect wood material to develop its characteristics. Oil-finished products make most of wood’s beauty and change to nuanced color as time goes by. Having these stools in our life makes our living space filled with wooden warmth, and makes ourselves truly comfortable.