~Potentially creative wall calendar which is made of “Tenugui” (washcloth), whose pages can be torn off instead of being flipped ~
New Product Development Section
NAKANI Co., ltd.



“Tenugui” (washcloth)– it is a cloth which we tore to use for clog straps and bandages in old days. ”SACUTONE” is a wall calendar which consists of “tearing” and “flipping.” SACUTONE is an innovative product of “NIJIYURA”, which is a Tenugui brand of NAKANI Co.,ltd.(“NAKANI”). NIJIYURA promotes unique kinds of Tenugui which is created by characteristic designers and traditional “Chu-sen” method. Chu-sen is a traditional Osaka method of dyeing, which consists of folding one cloth accordion and dyeing from both front and back. This enables putting patterns on both sides, and sometimes blurring the edge, which orchestrates unique, fragile beauty that can never be created by printing. SACUTONE’s calendar design is enabled by vivid color on both sides, which is unique to Chu-sen. Its stripe design, as shown in the photo, shows beautiful pattern like check when 2 pages are lapped together. Chu-sen gives us such and original ammusement. Another type in the other photo has no date on it, but in design, it hides numbers which represent months. Every month we tear each page, that cloth can be used in various ways; as a wash cloth, a kitchen cloth, or for handcraft. At the end of December, we can turn the rest of the calendar to a lovely duster, by assembling its stick, cloths, and its string all together. This product makes us realize Japanese old life and tools, by turning the spotlight on Tenugui from a different angle and connecting Tenugui to “tearing” and “flipping.”


The word “SACUTONE” can be divided to “SAKUTO, NE”, which means ”Tear it, and…?”. This sounds like the story goes on. A few years after finishing the calendar, when we use a Tenugui out of it and see the pattern, we will remember each time. Old, used thing contains both “beauty” and ”nostalgia”— SACUTONE represents such delicate soul of Japanese.