“TSUNAGO”– Pencil sharpener which can joint two worn-out short pencils

“TSUNAGO”-- Pencil sharpener which can joint two worn-out short pencils

~”MOTTAINAI” spirit joints pencil, connects hearts~
New Product Development Section



This idea is exactly “Columbus’ Egg.” Before, we had just thrown away worn-out pencils that became too short after a lot of use. However, “TSUNAGO”, which means “Let’s joint” in Japanese, has been developed based on a completely new idea of “jointing two worn-out short pencils.” This innovative pencil sharpener, “TSUNAGO”, let two short pencils jointed into one, by sharpening one pencil’s top convex and another’s bottom concave. A pencil, which has been the very first material to write with for every one of us, is also “material to create with.” We feel great nostalgia for its scent of wood, unique contrast created by its black color. Its smooth, gentle graphite lets us write down our thoughts and expand our dreams. “We can connect hearts by jointing memorable pencils.”—With this concept, NAKAJIMA JUKYUDO CO., LTD. (“NJK”), which is a traditional maker of small pencil sharpeners, has created this product. Its annual production is about 6 million, including OEM.


Its quality earns high reputation not only in Japan but also at the largest trade fair in Europe, which led to opening new, unique markets. Originally, the story started from this– NJK was suggested to productize this pencil sharpener by an inventor in Hokuriku, who invented and patented its prototype. Then, NJK stepped onto production, inspired by its idea of sharpening pencils convex and concave, which is based on “MOTTAINAI” spirit (which means “We can’t waste any small thing”). The production started from designing all over and making new molds. Cost was covered by crowd-funding, which also helped to promote this project. This project already attracted public attention before selling. 1 month after the announcement on the Internet, the first 4,000 products were sold out right away. Furthermore, they got a sales channel at a big store such as Tokyu Hands. What impressed people is Japanese traditional “MOTTAINAI” spirit.


The punch mark of “NJK JAPAN” on the blade shows self-manufacture and furthermore, proves its fine quality. “TSUNAGO”, NJK’s very first self-manufactured product, also has a logo “Made in OSAKA JAPAN.” This masterpiece, “TSUNAGO” heartily represents the pride of Osaka’s craftsman.


“TSUNAGO” has three functions;
1: a hole to make a concave hole on the bottom of a pencil,
2: a hole to sharpen the other pencil‘s top convex
3: a hole to smooth these holes.
These sharpened pencils turn to one pencil with their top and bottom jointed and gummed up.