RegettaCanoe (Big-Hoot-Three-Strap Design)


~Shoes that can walk around towns like canoes swimming on the water~
Creative Work Section

Shoes Mini-shu Inc.



Once you see this footwear, you would be totally attracted to its unique design—volume in front, and grand shape that gently enfolds your entire feet.
“RegettaCanoe”, with an impressive sole design, is a super-hit product by Shoes Mini-shu Inc (“Shoes Mini-shu.”)


This footwear was made in Ikuno, Osaka, which is known as a sandal-producting town.
However, there have been fewer orders in winter, and main method has just been household-manufacturing.
So was about Shoes Mini-shu, but this company stood up for change.—They produced shoes to “establish a unique brand in Ikuno,” and this even awakened the whole town and its craftspeople.

That shoes, “Regetta”, is based on and renovated from “Geta”, which means Japanese traditional footwear.  “Regetta” was created 10 years ago.  Since then, it has been gradually spread by word of mouth, and it even had become a super-hit thanks to a TV-shopping program.
“Regetta” became an outstanding seller of 9,000, which led to attracting people’s attention.


This time, RegettaCanoe, was created as a next step after ”Regetta”. Its unique shape has a lot of functions which enables comfortable walking. To clear a task of “how to make it comfortable to walk on hard asphalt roads,” they made some additional improvement to “Regetta” ; rolling walk structure, higher function of impact absorption and foot support. This led to the big sole, which was mentioned at the top.
They developed “gummi insole”, which fits foot shape, therefore distributes strain onto feet, and enables smooth landing. Based on foot study from German footwear, they blended edgy Italian design into “RegettaCanoe”, and also added Japanese traditional footwear technology. Besides, the logo imaged from boating play longs for the past  Osaka, which thrived as river city.


In 2013 spring, Shoes Mini-shu opened a directly-managed store in Minami-Senba, Osaka, and is developing partner shops all over Japan. Also, they have stores in Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They aim for further expansion to overseas. The “Canoe” is now finally setting out onto the ocean from Ikuno, Osaka, its “hometown.”
Being a lovely urban comfort shoes, “RegettaCanoe” has a lot of family fans. It naturally enables “rolling walk”, which means stepping on by heel and kicking up by toe.