~Leather wallet as a “tool”, which increases affection day by day~
New Product Development Section
Tsurumiya.Co.,Ltd. (MUNEKAWA)



Tsurumiya.Co Ltd., (“MUNEKAWA”) has created leather products on a theme of “manufacturing with love.” MUNEKAEA’s craftsmen have ever worked on their carefully-selected and high-quality leather by hand. Therefore, a lot of fans put great trust in its durability and minimal design which fully express their luxurious leather. This wallet, “ENCASE,” inspired by an envelope, is made by a whole piece of leather. Being thin and compact, ENCASE has 6 card pockets and 2 bill pockets. It even can hold a passport. It makes us look elegant when we slide a bill out of the wallet. The leather is Italian vegetable tannery, which has rich, moist texture. It obtains more gloss and beauty as time goes by, which is the most attractive point about leather. MUNEKAWA’s leather products, created to enrich our lives, will one day be treasure which have spent and “traveled” our lives together.